Offroad EMV IV etapp

2014-07-26 - Taru mudelirada (Laitse ei ole valmis)
Organiseerija: Eesti Automudelispordi Klubi - EAMK

2014 offroad Estonian Champioship stage 4. at Tartu modelcar track.
26. July 2014

1.Organiser: EAMK - Estonian RC Modelcar Club
Track the location and general information: LOCATION ASUKOHT KAARDIL  SHORT_TRACK_DESCRIPTION

2. Classes and trips Durations:
1:8 IC Buggy (B8)     heats 5 Final 30
1:8 Offroad Electric   heats 5 Final 7
Open Offroad (max 1:8) heats 5 Final 7
1:10 2WD Buggy      heats 5 Final 7
1:10 4WD Buggy      heats 5 Final 7
Large Scale Offroad heats 5 Final 30 <- 2WD & 4WD (registering together and counting separately)

3. Dayplan:
8:30 to 10:00 Registration, payments, hot food ordering 
09:00 Group trainings
10:10 Drivers meeting 
10:30 qualificatons
14:00 Finals
19:30 End of day and prizes

4 Timing:
AMB personal transponder. A limited number of transponders can be hired. The corresponding desire to note at registration (renditransponder).

5 Awards:
If the number of registrants on July 21 at a competition class is 5 or more will be awarded with trophies or medals for top three in each class. Otherwise, only the winner will be awarded (and the best young).
In order to motivate young people, organizer decided to give the "best young" rewards contestants who did not reach the top three or if condition of five not filled it will be awarded the "Best Young" award for the best young person who does not have a primary.

6 Registration:
Pre-registration is required. On-site registration is available for a specified time within the schedule until the morning. If no pre-registration done additional fee must be payed.

7. Holding and other charges:
20 - Participation fee
15 - Second-class participation fee (and each additional class)
15 - Youth participation fee
10 - second class in the participation fee for young (and each additional class)
10 - transponder rental
5.-   transponder rental for youngs
10 - the premium on-site registration if there is no pre-registration,
10 - a mess of garbage and domestic waste and the organizing committee notes ignoration

Entry fee can be paid  cash on the place up to 10 o'clock.

8. Discussions regarding the contest:

9 Infra: There is electricity 220V gasolinegenrator generated; DC - latrines; Water for hand washing; Waste bags

10. Parking:   Next to the trail free zone.

11 Meals:
Hot food on request in the morning of registration. The food provides us We limit choices to avoid confusion later if food arrives. Approximate time for feeding is ab. 13-14

12 Participants to bring: Extension cord; Gloves; Work desk and chair, possibly even a tent

13 Other terms and conditions:
Advertising and other extra-curricular activities and out of sports trading coordinate with the Lead Manager.


14 Organizing committee:
Main organizer (lead manager)Hannes Hannus +3725027386  e-mail: eikhannes [] (EST, RUS, ENG, FIN, GER)
Organizer: Teet Toomsalu
Timing: Rene Randlane
Engineering Controls: Jüri Ressar
Runway Judges:  following
Trackmaster:  Teet Toomsalu
EAMK Observer: following

Võistlusklass Osalustasu Maks osalejaid Registreerunuid Registreeru
1:8 IC Buggy (B-8) 20/15 999 12 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks
1:8 Electric Offroad 20/15 999 19 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks
1/10 2WD Buggy 20/15 999 10 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks
1/10 4WD Buggy 20/15 999 4 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks
Large Scale Offroad 20/15 999 6 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks
Open Offroad (max 1:8) 20/15 999 3 Logi sisse või registreeru kasutajaks

Registreerumine lõppeb: 25.07.14 12:00
Registreeru kasutajaks
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